Progress, People, Progress!!!


Weight loss is not easy.  If it was an easy task, so many people would be out of a job, because the weight loss/fitness industry is definitely booming.  Choosing Ideal Protein was an easy one for me as it was the only diet that both had a coach and was overseen by a doctor.  And it has the added bonus of removing sugar from my system, and as a diabetic, that’s a good thing.  But, people, this diet is hard!

And there are days, days I crave everything fro French fries to cheese to mentally talking myself out of just grabbing that loaf of bread and taking it home.  It’s a mental game, like I’ve never experienced.

And my first month’s stats were good, really good, and I’m proud of myself, but hadn’t really noticed a significant difference until today.  Today, people, today I visually saw the progress!

Over the weekend I went shopping, and was thrilled to buy tops 2 sizes smaller than I have in a long time.  And today, when I put one of those tops on, and was able to tuck it in because my stomach is flat enough to do so, I almost cried tears of joy!  And the jeans I’m wearing, while once were very tight skinny jeans, are now quite baggy in the waist, and so, I had to put a belt on.  A BELT!  Do you know how long it has been since I wore a belt?

I stood staring at myself in the mirror and thought, finally, I can see the progress.  It’s not about feeling thinner or lighter today.  Today, it’s about seeing a difference in my body!

Weight loss is hard.  Really hard.  But today I showed myself that after 43 days of no sugar, being able to toss this outfit on and feel confident makes the sacrifice completely worth it.  Progress, people, that’s what it’s all about!

Ciao for now,



Skinny Jeans…The Struggle Is Real!

Any woman you know has, at some point, struggled to get into a pair of jeans.  Everywhere from the dressing room, to the bedroom floor, women will contort themselves in positions only known to professional yoga instructors in order to fit into a cute pair of jeans.

Additionally, women often have a pair of jeans in her closet dubbed her sjs
‘skinny jeans.’  No, these are not the hipster fashion trend currently afflicting the twenty-something males of the world, but the pair of jeans that, if she were about 10 pounds thinner, she could fit into them.  I’m no exception to this rule.

I started Ideal Protein 30 days ago today, and this morning, when I got up and was trying to decide what to wear to work, my hands touched unfamiliar denim and I was reminded of my skinny jeans that I’ve had in my closet for a few years.  I pulled them out, and thought, why no?  And so, poised to do the yoga necessary to get into smaller jeans than you’re used to, I stepped into them, and a miracle happened.  No jumping.  No squatting.  No sucking my stomach in.  No lying on the floor.  No praying to the denim gods to stretch it juuuuuust a smidge.  None of that nonsense, because these babies slid right up and on!  They’re even a little baggy in the thighs!  I almost passed out from sheer shock!

In the first 25 days of doing IP, I have lost 12lbs and almost 5.5″, and so when I thought about that, it made sense that these jeans would fit!  I’m not gonna lie, I got teary eyed a bit, full of pride at the hard work that I’ve done, and how it’s paying off!

And it’s not just paying off in inches and pounds.  My blood sugar is getting regulated, and that feels awesome!  Just to give you an idea, my resting, fasting sugar reading was 179 on day one of this diet.  It was 119 on day 30!  GO ME!

Ciao for now,


Second Week Check-in Was a HUGE Success!!

I was worried about my check-in this week, given the whole cheating extravaganza.  I was prepared to not see the scale move or anything, and was prepared to properly chastise myself about it, forgive myself for it, and move on.  But that is not what happened because I lost 4lbs last week!!!  WAHOO!!  My losses looked like this:

  • Neck – lost 1″
  • Chest – lost 2″ (that’s 3″ total loss in my chest!)
  • Arm – lost .75″
  • Waist – lost 2″
  • Thigh – lost 2.5″
  • Pounds – lost 4lbs (total of 7 lost in the first 10 days)

For whatever reason, my hips haven’t lost any inches yet, which is weird to me.  Hopefully next week, I’ll see the tape measure move.

I did get to choose my own food this time, though, and that was awesome!  I ended up buying two weeks worth, though, so that I have some variety.  I was really irritated when I found out that the premade drinks, which I really like, only come in 6packs when every other product has 7 packages to cover the whole week.  Sigh.  Oh well.

So, I chose, cuz I’m more of a savory girl:

  • Salt & Vinegar Crisps
  • BBQ Crisps
  • Southwest Cheese Curls
  • Rotini
  • Lemon Wafers
  • Vanilla premade drinks

That sounds like a tasty couple of weeks for me!  Proud of the progress I’ve made so far, and am very much looking forward to seeing everything keep shrinking in the weeks to come!

Damnit, I Cheated.

When one commits to a strict diet like this, the temptation to cheat is ridiculously high.  It takes a serious amount of willpower to not give in to those temptations.  And I’m ashamed to say that last night, I gave in, and I friggin cheated.  Ugh.  I’m so mad at myself.  And there’s no excuse other than my own weakness.  Although, there were factors that definitely led to my downfall moment:

  1. It’s hot!  Really friggin hot!  Which makes it impossible for me to turn on the stove as the inside of my apartment is currently sitting somewhere around 90 degrees and it’s miserable.  In Seattle, air conditioning is ‘not needed’ cuz it only gets hot ‘a few weeks a year’.  Yeah, well, with global warming, that hot is getting a whole hell of a lot hotter!  So, when your apartment is already 90 degrees, the last thing you want to do is turn the stove on to heat a grill pan to grill up some meat, or stand over a hot wok and do a stir fry.  So, the heat has definitely upped my level of frustration.
  2. I was given a great suggestion to get a rotisserie chicken for dinner, then I wouldn’t have to cook.  Brilliant!  So, I went and the store was friggin out of rotisserie chicken.  So, I went to the deli counter and asked for two of their roasted breasts.  I was on my phone, not paying attention, paid for my chicken and went home, opened the bag and the friggin chicken was fried!  And we’re not supposed to have fried anything on this diet.  Ugh, yet here were two beautifully breaded and fried breasts just staring at me!

I tore of some of the breading, but I also left some of it on, and convinced myself I didn’t care.  I chopped up the chicken, tossed it on a bed of mixed greens with my homemade lemon vinaigrette and ate it and didn’t friggin care.  And about 10 minutes afterwards, the guilt took over.  I was so mad at myself for my weakness.  So mad at the weather from forcing me to deviate from the meals I’d planned and already shopped for.  And more than that, I was frustrated because the minute you eat something that turns to sugar (i.e. breading on fried chicken), it kicks you out of ketosis and it will now take me 3 days to get back into ketosis, which isn’t the end of the world, but seriously slows down the weight loss.  Sigh.

I know I’m human, and I need to forgive myself this slip, but I’m really disappointed in myself.  And writing my coach and admitting what I did felt awful.  I hope to god I won’t have to go through this again, and I can stay on track.

Diets suck.  But I have to stick to this if I want to achieve my goal of beating my diabetes.  I can do this.  This wasn’t a failure.  This was a stumble on my road to a healthy, daibetes-free, me.  I can do this.  I am stronger than this.  I can do this.


Damn You, Starbucks!!!

It’s harder to stay on track with this diet on the weekends, there’s no question. More down time. More time to think about how hungry you are, or the cravings you’re having. And today is pretty bad. I am absolutely jonesing for bread and cheese. I’d kill for a quesadilla right about now. Or a panino with a few Italian cheeses melted inside. But, I’ve been good. And I was dealing just fine.

And then I drove through Starbucks. I was getting an unsweetened green tea, which is allowed, both because it is refreshing and because it’s bloody hot here today and I needed the cool off. And as I sat in the mile long line waiting for my turn to order, I look up at the board with pictures of the food, and what do I see? A friggin grilled cheese! Starbucks is now serving grilled cheese! And oh, I wanted one! I wanted one so damn badly, it took every ounce of self control I had to order my tea and ONLY my tea.

And now I’m home, and hungry, and my lunch was less than satisfying, and dinner seems about the same, and all I want is a grilled cheese. And nothing in my allowable food arsenal is going to satisfy me.

Damn you, Starbucks, for the yummies you make. Damn you!