Holy Crap…It’s Day 60!


When I started IP, I bought a huge wall calendar to mark off the days I complete on the diet.  It’s both to track my progress as well as keep me motivated.  It’s quite satisfying to look at the calendar and see all those Xs lined up.  It’s also really satisfying to mark those Xs off every day.

I always mark after dinner and I just put a mark on today and stopped dead in my tracks.  I counted out 30 day increments, and today is day 60! Holy Crap!

I’ve been doing this for two months!  60 days of no sugar, no carbs, and truly, only minimal struggle.  I’m fully back on track with my appetite and my head is back in the game.  So much so that I went all out for dinner tonight with a baked salmon recipe (thank you Pioneer Woman for the perfect baked salmon recipe!) and steamed fresh green beans.  You can check out the photo on Instagram.

I’m reinvigorated, and ready to take the next 60 days head on!  This weight loss/better health thing is a serious mental game.  And I may have stumbled the past few weeks, but i’m back on track now, and I’m ready to kick some weight loss ass!

Looking forward to sharing some good news on my stats on Friday!  Wish me luck!

Ciao for now,


It’s a Marathon…Not a Sprint


In the life changing game, as with any other game, to be honest, most people want instant gratification.  We want instant change.  And I’m no exception.  The first four weeks on IP went really well for me.  I was in the right mental state.  I was excited.  And the pounds and inches were melting off of me and a very fast pace.  My first month’s stats were the proof!

But the past two weeks, my progress has slowed to a ridiculous pace, and it’s been really hard to stay motivated.  Let’s see:

  1. I friggin gained 0.6lb last week, and my weight was exactly the same this week.
  2. I lost 0.5″ on my thigh last week and another 0.5″ on my thigh this week.  And did not lose inches anywhere else.
  3. I have completely lost my appetite, and the idea of eating anything is less than desirable.  so much so that I skipped a few meals this past week just because I couldn’t be bothered to eat.
  4. My head is just not in the game, and I’m just so bored with this diet, yet it’s not like I want to cheat.  I just don’t care at all.

Why is this happening?  Why has my enthusiasm waned from how it was when I started?  Why have my numbers stalled?  Why have I completely lost my appetite?

My coach this morning didn’t have much in the way of wisdom to share or tips to try.  And because I didn’t eat all of my protein last week, the only advice was, “Get all your food in, and we’ll see where we are next week,” and of course the “Have you discussed this with the doctor?”

Trying to schedule these appointments as a working person is hard enough as it is, so adding doctor appointments on top of it can get to be overwhelming.  I think what it boils down to is this:  it’s a marathon, not a sprint.

I’m going to have off days.  I’m going to have off weeks.  As my blood sugar regulates, so do my hormones, and perhaps that is the reason for my shift in mood and appetite.  This diet is hard, really hard, and my mental state is going to take a beating now and again, and what hit me this morning on my drive from my doc’s office to my work office was, the old me would just give up.  The new me goes, “Well, hell, not the bet week, but at least you didn’t gain!  And let’s get back on track for next week.”  And that, right there, is huge progress.

I’m a firm believer in the fact that God doesn’t give you any more than you can handle.  And I’ve quit, packed up and run, or walked away from so many diets, so many healthy eating plans, and every attempt I’ve started to get myself to a better health.   I’m not going to walk away from this one.

I need to remember that I’m human, and will have weak moments, and I need to be ok with that.  By ticking with this, especially after the last two weeks is a success in itself.  And I’m really proud of me for that!

Change doesn’t come over night.  Doesn’t even come over a few months, when it comes to correcting the years of damage I’ve put on my body.  And if I’m going to use IP to permanently make changes, there are a few things I need to accept:

  1. Be patient, both with the process and with myself.
  2. Accept that there are going to be weeks where the numbers aren’t helpful, and that should be motivating and not deterring.
  3. I’m in this alone.  My coach only knows what she knows, and everyone is different. I have to listen to my body and focus on blood sugar readings and how I feel.
  4. The scale doesn’t lie, but it’s not the only factor.
  5. Attitude is a factor of success.  If I’m negative about the process, the results will also be negative.

First major hiccup, and I can get through it.  I can do this.  I can see this through to the end.  It’s a marathon…not a sprint.

Ciao for now,


Progress, People, Progress!!!


Weight loss is not easy.  If it was an easy task, so many people would be out of a job, because the weight loss/fitness industry is definitely booming.  Choosing Ideal Protein was an easy one for me as it was the only diet that both had a coach and was overseen by a doctor.  And it has the added bonus of removing sugar from my system, and as a diabetic, that’s a good thing.  But, people, this diet is hard!

And there are days, days I crave everything fro French fries to cheese to mentally talking myself out of just grabbing that loaf of bread and taking it home.  It’s a mental game, like I’ve never experienced.

And my first month’s stats were good, really good, and I’m proud of myself, but hadn’t really noticed a significant difference until today.  Today, people, today I visually saw the progress!

Over the weekend I went shopping, and was thrilled to buy tops 2 sizes smaller than I have in a long time.  And today, when I put one of those tops on, and was able to tuck it in because my stomach is flat enough to do so, I almost cried tears of joy!  And the jeans I’m wearing, while once were very tight skinny jeans, are now quite baggy in the waist, and so, I had to put a belt on.  A BELT!  Do you know how long it has been since I wore a belt?

I stood staring at myself in the mirror and thought, finally, I can see the progress.  It’s not about feeling thinner or lighter today.  Today, it’s about seeing a difference in my body!

Weight loss is hard.  Really hard.  But today I showed myself that after 43 days of no sugar, being able to toss this outfit on and feel confident makes the sacrifice completely worth it.  Progress, people, that’s what it’s all about!

Ciao for now,


Second Week Check-in Was a HUGE Success!!

I was worried about my check-in this week, given the whole cheating extravaganza.  I was prepared to not see the scale move or anything, and was prepared to properly chastise myself about it, forgive myself for it, and move on.  But that is not what happened because I lost 4lbs last week!!!  WAHOO!!  My losses looked like this:

  • Neck – lost 1″
  • Chest – lost 2″ (that’s 3″ total loss in my chest!)
  • Arm – lost .75″
  • Waist – lost 2″
  • Thigh – lost 2.5″
  • Pounds – lost 4lbs (total of 7 lost in the first 10 days)

For whatever reason, my hips haven’t lost any inches yet, which is weird to me.  Hopefully next week, I’ll see the tape measure move.

I did get to choose my own food this time, though, and that was awesome!  I ended up buying two weeks worth, though, so that I have some variety.  I was really irritated when I found out that the premade drinks, which I really like, only come in 6packs when every other product has 7 packages to cover the whole week.  Sigh.  Oh well.

So, I chose, cuz I’m more of a savory girl:

  • Salt & Vinegar Crisps
  • BBQ Crisps
  • Southwest Cheese Curls
  • Rotini
  • Lemon Wafers
  • Vanilla premade drinks

That sounds like a tasty couple of weeks for me!  Proud of the progress I’ve made so far, and am very much looking forward to seeing everything keep shrinking in the weeks to come!

CHIPS!! ACTUAL CHIPS! How I’ve missed you!


So, I just got to taste the Salt and Vinegar Crisps with my lunch, and people, these are awesome! They taste like a pop chip. They crunch like a pop chip. And they zing my tastebuds like Lay’s salt and vinegar potato chips! And the best part, they aren’t on the restricted food list! So, if I wanted to have them twice or even three times a day, I could!!! WAHOOOO!!!

I’m so excited to taste the BBQ ones later in the week!

The Proof is in the Pudding. Or is it?

I have to say something about this particular product, because the experience was terrrrrrrible!  Now, others may agree, but I have to review this product to remind myself never to choose it!

So, for the first two weeks on this diet, your coach puts together a hodge podge of products and organizes them for you to eat at certain times.  As my coach said, “There will be things in here you don’t like.  You need to just choke it down.”  Not a great mental picture, but it’s the way it’s done, so what can you do.  Upon getting my list, my biggest fears are anything mango, and a bag of garlic & herb crisps.  Well, the first mango smoothie wasn’t bad.  I haven’t tried the others yet.  Pray for me that they are edible.

I didn’t balk when I saw banana pudding as my breakfast this morning.  I actually thought, “Hmmm, sounds tasty.  I love banana pudding.”  And based on the photo of the product, it looks good doesn’t it?  Well, it was not!


I’m not a fan of a mushy banana, and the consistency of this pudding was NOT like pudding.  It had the flavor of an overripe banana and the texture of a mushy one.  It was so displeasing to my palate that it took everything I had to swallow each spoonful.  I literally choked it down and it was disgusting!

And I’m nervous, because I have a pre-made chocolate pudding in the mix for later in the week.  I caution you on the puddings, if you are going to try this diet.  There are some things that just shouldn’t be replicated.  Yick!

Let’s hope my chocolate mint bar is better at lunch.

On the upside, I do not have any sugar withdrawal headache today!  So, we’ll take that  as a win.


Ideal Protein Diet – Day 1

So, I’ve battled my weight most of my adult life.  I’m ashamed to say that out loud, because I fashion myself a very strong person.  Hell, I even have the word ‘strength’ tattooed on my forearm.  And yet, when it came to my weight, I, for whatever reason, never was strong enough to transform my body the old fashioned way.  I have a  million excuses from heartbreak to laziness to love of carbs.  None of them matter anymore because today, I finally started the lifestyle change that I know is going to work for me.  And that is to give up sugar.  For good.

I don’t like sugar in the traditional sense.  I could care less about cookies and candy and ice cream.  I am, however, addicted to all things gluten.  Any bread, pretzel, chip, and pasta I can get my hands on, I want.  I crave popcorn and sweet potatoes.  I yearn for sourdough bread and flakey croissants.  All of which, turn to sugar and were destroying my body.

I was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes three years ago, and actively ignored it, again, with the excuse that I was taking care of my dying mother, and her health was more important than mine.  Well, it’s been a year since she died, and I’m still carrying this extra weight.  And today, on the anniversary of my mother’s death, today I take my life back.

I don’t want to end up like her, as all of her health problems stemmed from type-2 diabetes.  And I don’t want to end up like her.  And I”m going to, if I don’t make some changes.  So, I took the money I’ve been saving, headed over to Alliance Healing Arts in the Eastlake area of Seattle, and invested in my health.

I have done this diet once before, but only with the goal of losing a quick 25lbs.  This time, I’m losing it all!  And today is over, and I am so proud that I followed it to a tee!  I ate the food, which today, was pretty good.  I started with the maple oatmeal, and it wasn’t bad.  The mango smoothie for lunch wasn’t great, but I don’t care for mango (sadly you don’t get to pick your food the first two weeks).  And the evening snack of chicken noodle soup was just so so.  My dinner of a ground turkey, mushroom and spinach scramble was friggin tasty!  And it felt good to cleanse my system with lots of lettuce and celery today.

The downside, the sugar withdrawal.  I’m really feeling it tonight, but not as bad as I did last time.  The headache is faint, and hopefully will be gone by morning.  Thank god for the chicken broth I get to drink to help with the salt intake to get me through this drastic change in food I’m ingesting.

Every great journey starts with a single step, they say, and today was my first step to a better body, to better health, and to a better life.

Follow me on my journey, and if you feel like it, please post supportive comments to help keep me motivated.

Thanks for reading!