Holy Crap…It’s Day 60!


When I started IP, I bought a huge wall calendar to mark off the days I complete on the diet.  It’s both to track my progress as well as keep me motivated.  It’s quite satisfying to look at the calendar and see all those Xs lined up.  It’s also really satisfying to mark those Xs off every day.

I always mark after dinner and I just put a mark on today and stopped dead in my tracks.  I counted out 30 day increments, and today is day 60! Holy Crap!

I’ve been doing this for two months!  60 days of no sugar, no carbs, and truly, only minimal struggle.  I’m fully back on track with my appetite and my head is back in the game.  So much so that I went all out for dinner tonight with a baked salmon recipe (thank you Pioneer Woman for the perfect baked salmon recipe!) and steamed fresh green beans.  You can check out the photo on Instagram.

I’m reinvigorated, and ready to take the next 60 days head on!  This weight loss/better health thing is a serious mental game.  And I may have stumbled the past few weeks, but i’m back on track now, and I’m ready to kick some weight loss ass!

Looking forward to sharing some good news on my stats on Friday!  Wish me luck!

Ciao for now,



Progress, People, Progress!!!


Weight loss is not easy.  If it was an easy task, so many people would be out of a job, because the weight loss/fitness industry is definitely booming.  Choosing Ideal Protein was an easy one for me as it was the only diet that both had a coach and was overseen by a doctor.  And it has the added bonus of removing sugar from my system, and as a diabetic, that’s a good thing.  But, people, this diet is hard!

And there are days, days I crave everything fro French fries to cheese to mentally talking myself out of just grabbing that loaf of bread and taking it home.  It’s a mental game, like I’ve never experienced.

And my first month’s stats were good, really good, and I’m proud of myself, but hadn’t really noticed a significant difference until today.  Today, people, today I visually saw the progress!

Over the weekend I went shopping, and was thrilled to buy tops 2 sizes smaller than I have in a long time.  And today, when I put one of those tops on, and was able to tuck it in because my stomach is flat enough to do so, I almost cried tears of joy!  And the jeans I’m wearing, while once were very tight skinny jeans, are now quite baggy in the waist, and so, I had to put a belt on.  A BELT!  Do you know how long it has been since I wore a belt?

I stood staring at myself in the mirror and thought, finally, I can see the progress.  It’s not about feeling thinner or lighter today.  Today, it’s about seeing a difference in my body!

Weight loss is hard.  Really hard.  But today I showed myself that after 43 days of no sugar, being able to toss this outfit on and feel confident makes the sacrifice completely worth it.  Progress, people, that’s what it’s all about!

Ciao for now,


Sweets to the Not-So-Sweet

I gotta say, in addition to the banana pudding disaster, one of the struggles of this first two weeks is that I don’t have a sweet tooth, and man a lot of these foods are super sweet.  Three in particular have been tough on me, as I truly don’t like sweet things like this.  However, if you’re going to do Ideal Protein, and you do love sweets, these will probably knock your socks off!

Caramel Crunch BarFirst up, the Caramel Crunch Bar.  This bad boy is suuuuper sweet.  Like hard caramel over a dense rice crispy treat.  Took everything I had to get this down, and I think it gave me a cavity.  Way too sweet for me.


Next up, the cookie dough bar.   This this is literally like eating raw cookie dough, which I don’t enjoy at all.
There are crunchy bits inside, kind of like crumbled oreo texture.  It hurt my teeth, it was so sweet.cookie dough

Lastly, the double chocolate brownie.  Now, this bad boy was actually tasty.  Now and again, I do like a brownie,a nd this one is no joke!  Chocolate chips inside this softy, chewy gem was a great way to start the day today.  It was a bit to big for me,
but I’m guessing chocolate lovers will be snagging this box each week.  I enjoyed this, but wouldn’t want one more than once a week.

So, this not-so-sweet-toothed girl has been over sugared this week.  But you sugar babies out there, if you want to eat sweets on a diet, this diet is for you!