Holy Crap…It’s Day 60!


When I started IP, I bought a huge wall calendar to mark off the days I complete on the diet.  It’s both to track my progress as well as keep me motivated.  It’s quite satisfying to look at the calendar and see all those Xs lined up.  It’s also really satisfying to mark those Xs off every day.

I always mark after dinner and I just put a mark on today and stopped dead in my tracks.  I counted out 30 day increments, and today is day 60! Holy Crap!

I’ve been doing this for two months!  60 days of no sugar, no carbs, and truly, only minimal struggle.  I’m fully back on track with my appetite and my head is back in the game.  So much so that I went all out for dinner tonight with a baked salmon recipe (thank you Pioneer Woman for the perfect baked salmon recipe!) and steamed fresh green beans.  You can check out the photo on Instagram.

I’m reinvigorated, and ready to take the next 60 days head on!  This weight loss/better health thing is a serious mental game.  And I may have stumbled the past few weeks, but i’m back on track now, and I’m ready to kick some weight loss ass!

Looking forward to sharing some good news on my stats on Friday!  Wish me luck!

Ciao for now,


Progress, People, Progress!!!


Weight loss is not easy.  If it was an easy task, so many people would be out of a job, because the weight loss/fitness industry is definitely booming.  Choosing Ideal Protein was an easy one for me as it was the only diet that both had a coach and was overseen by a doctor.  And it has the added bonus of removing sugar from my system, and as a diabetic, that’s a good thing.  But, people, this diet is hard!

And there are days, days I crave everything fro French fries to cheese to mentally talking myself out of just grabbing that loaf of bread and taking it home.  It’s a mental game, like I’ve never experienced.

And my first month’s stats were good, really good, and I’m proud of myself, but hadn’t really noticed a significant difference until today.  Today, people, today I visually saw the progress!

Over the weekend I went shopping, and was thrilled to buy tops 2 sizes smaller than I have in a long time.  And today, when I put one of those tops on, and was able to tuck it in because my stomach is flat enough to do so, I almost cried tears of joy!  And the jeans I’m wearing, while once were very tight skinny jeans, are now quite baggy in the waist, and so, I had to put a belt on.  A BELT!  Do you know how long it has been since I wore a belt?

I stood staring at myself in the mirror and thought, finally, I can see the progress.  It’s not about feeling thinner or lighter today.  Today, it’s about seeing a difference in my body!

Weight loss is hard.  Really hard.  But today I showed myself that after 43 days of no sugar, being able to toss this outfit on and feel confident makes the sacrifice completely worth it.  Progress, people, that’s what it’s all about!

Ciao for now,


And the Cravings Came in Like a Lion!

Today is day 12 and I can proudly say, I have not cheated once on this blasted diet!  And it was not without struggle and moments of weakness.  Luckily, and fortunately I was strong enough not to give in to temptation, even though temptation was absolutely everywhere this past weekend.

Temptation #1: Doughnuts in the office last Friday for a morale treat from the boss.  Now, it’s important to note, I don’t even friggin like doughnuts.  At all.  On a normal day, I would never eat one, but oh sweet baby Jesus, I wanted one on Friday.  But I didn’t.  Just made myself some Market Spice Tea (for those of you not in Seattle, it’s an orangey-spicy-warming-comforting tea blend from the tea shop in Pike’s Street Market), and took my no carb having self back to my desk.

Temptation #2: In stopping by the store on Friday after work, they were doing a cheese sample of fresh parmiggiano reggiano from Italy!  The godfather of cheeses, perfectly aged, was staring me in the face, just begging me to take a piece of it’s salty goodness.  But I didn’t!  And I was NOT happy about it!  Hell hath no fury like an Italian woman who can’t have parmiggiano reggiano!  I just bought my chicken breast and my purple kale and headed home.


Temptation #3: I went to see a play and they were serving wine, glorious red wine in all it’s glory, and during the entire show, Bacchus called to me to just indulge in a few sips!  But I didn’t!  I downed my water bottle and enjoyed the show.

Temptation #4:  Blind date for brunch.  Yeah, I didn’t think this through.  This was a terrrrrrible idea to do during the first month.  But, a buddy of mine was just sure I had to meet this co-worker of his, so off I went.  The dude ordered my perfect breakfast!  Bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns!  Oh, and an English muffin with house made raspberry jam. Did I have bacon?  No.  Did I have hashbrowns, or buttery nooks and crannies with jam?  No. I had a garden frittata that they screwed up and covered half with a yogurt coulis that I specifically asked them not to put on there.  So essentially I got two bits of egg and mushroom and four cups of tea for breakfast.  Took all my willpower not to drive through a McDonald’s on the way home, but I refrained.  Went home, had some roasted cauliflower and a chocolate coconut bar and took pride in my strength.

Temptations #5:  Grocery shopping last night for the week, and for the love of everything holy in the world I wanted bread.  I am craving every kind of bread, and somehow ended up on the chip aisle.  It was the Metropolitan Market, so the chip aisle is all healthy options, but none I can indulge in.  I saw a bag of pretzels.  Gluten free, vegan, covered in seeds, and I actually picked the bag up.  And talked myself down off the salty goodness ledge.  I set the bag down, walked to the cash register, paid and left before anything else called my name.

But oh, the break and wine and cheese…the holy trinity of my Italian heritage is calling to me like a Siren to a sailor, and it took every ouce of self control I had to not follow her song.  Somewhere behind the haze of temptation, I knew the consequences weren’t worth it.  Destroying the hard work I’d done over the past week wasn’t worth it. I have the word Forza tattooed on my arm, because, above all things, I am strong!  And if I can survive the past few days, and all of those temptations for the foods I truly, truly love, then I can do this!  I can see this through to the end!

These cravings might have come in like a lion, but I’m gonna beat them into lamby submission!  Forza!

Ciao for now,


First Week High and Lows

My first week on Ideal Protein is behind me, and to say I’m relieved is the understatement of the century!  I didn’t cheat once, ate the right foods, the right veggies, and consumed more water than I thought possible!  So, with a smile on my face and excitement oozing out of me, I headed in to meet with my coach.

sctmAnd what did the dreaded tape measure say?  Well, it said I lost almost 4″ in the first week!  HELL YEAH!  And what did the scale say after that?  Well, that I lost just over 7lbs!  WAHOO!  This week I killed it on weight loss and inches loss, which makes the sacrifice of the past week totally worth it!  Go me!

Now, labs were a different story.  My labs were my first set and they are nowhere near ok.  It was another in a long line of wake-up calls the past few weeks.  Downside, it bums me out how far I’ve let my health slide.  Upside, it’s amazing motivation to stay on track.  The more weight comes off, the better my labs will be.  The better my labs get, the health issues disappear.  The health issues disappear, and I won’t end up like every other woman in my family by dying from complications of diabetes.  Morbid, I know, but true.  And this blog has to be about the honest, awful, naked truth for me.

So, great first week with a new wake up call.  All in all, we’ll call this a win.

Ciao for now,


Rutabagas and Chopsticks and Jicama, Oh My!

Ok, so this whole cruciferous veggie part of Ideal is tough for someone with a limited palate when it comes to veggies.  So, I’ve been doing a lot of online searching for recipes, and two words kept popping up:  rutabaga fries.  And my first thought was: what the hell is a rutabaga?

Well, it looks like this:


It’s pretty in that photo, but it’s seriously ugly in person.  But, I bought one. I took it home, peeled it, julienned it, tossed it in one tablespoon of olive oil, sprinkled salt and pepper and tossed it in the oven.  And I was not a fan.  The pieces didn’t crisp up, they were quite soggy.  And the texture was not pleasing to my palate at all.  I might need to try a different recipe, because the one I used made the ‘fries’ burnt on the outside and not quite cooked on the inside.  So, even though I don’t know that the rutabaga and I will be buddies, I will give it one more shot before discarding.

Now, on the other hand, I also tried, for the first time, to navigate a jicama.  I’d had jicama slaw in restaurants before, but between the dressing, the other veggies, etc. in the salad, I couldn’t tell you what a jicama tasted like.  And so when I went to buy one, I had no idea they looked like this:


So, I got it and julienned it, and was an instant fan.  It’s kind of the cross between an apple and a water chestnut.  Light flavor, crispy texture.  Its a great compliment to raw celery or cauliflower.  If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it.

chopsticksHowever, my best discovery of the week is using chopsticks to get myself to slow the hell down when I eat.  By the time dinner rolls around I’m craving real food, and have been quite creative in my 8oz of protein and 2 cups of veggies.  However, I scarf them down.  So, I was at the kitchen store buying a fish spatula (which really does make a difference, btw), I noticed chopsticks and the light bulb went on.  Eureka!  And so now, for lunch veggies and dinner, I use chopsticks.  These little wooden gems help me slow down while I eat, and thoroughly enjoy each bite.

Ciao for now,


The Afternoons are the Hardest

There are two times a day I crave carbs.  And not just any old carbs, but crunchy, salty, cheesy carbs.  I want anything from the Frito Lay world, and I want it in volume!  Any, or a number of these would be staining my fingers, tantalizing my taste buds, and expanding my waistline right about now 6 days ago:


But today, today, in day 5 of my diet, today, I fight the urge with everything I have!  I do not take the elevator ride downstairs, and walk the few feet to the drug store to get a bag, today it would be Funyons, and enjoy their oniony goodness mindlessly while I worked the last few hours of my day.  Today, instead, I make a cup of hot orange spice tea to satiate my cravings, although it’s not really working.

Today is the first day I’ve actively felt how much boredom drives my appetite.  How much snacking is ingrained in my DNA, to where I think I NEED it.  I don’t need it.  I’ll survive just fine after it!  And there’s no need to go running for the first bag of salty, fattening, crisps I can get my hands on, because I have a goal to attain!

Evenings are no picnic either, but at least I have TV and chores to distract me. Work is just a mundane repetition of executive assisting a low maintenance boss where I just want to friggin eat!  Ugh!

But I can do this.  I had BBQ Ideal chips for lunch, and they rocked and helped a little.  But tonight, when I put that big red X on my calendar to mark that I successfully got through another day without cheating, I’m going to feel so much better than any chip could taste!

And when I step on that scale on Friday, I’ll be glad I stuck to my plan.

Ciao for now,


The Hunger Games

So, today is day 4 and I’m hungry.  Or am I?

The brain is a funny thing.  It tricks you, especially when you’re trying to change bad habits, it tricks you.  My entire adult life, every time I tried to get healthy, my brain would trick me into thinking I couldn’t do it.  Or shouldn’t do it.  That I should give up, quit, eat the things that bring me comfort because the sacrifice isn’t worth it.

Well, not this time.  I refuse to let my cravings control me.  But that doesn’t mean they aren’t trying.  I feel like Katniss, offering myself up as tribute in this game we call dieting.  And my competitors, rather than creepy young people from other districts who want to kill me, are unhealthy foods from all the fun categories.  The things trying to kill me are starch, carbohydrate, and sugar.  They come in the forms of chips, crackers, pizza, and pasta.  They bring their friends bread, cheese, rice, and milk.  They hunt me through the jungle I call my life right now, and taunt me from every angle.

All the protein and vegetables in the world aren’t satisfying.  Or are they, and my brain is trying to trick me into giving up, giving in, and cheating?

I keep reminding myself I’m stronger than my cravings.  I keep reminding myself of the ultimate goal.  Of the health I want to have.  Of the body I want to have.  Of the fact that I am committed to undoing the bad habits that are hard wired in my DNA by my mother.  I can do this.  I will do this.

Like Katniss I will defy the rules, follow my own path, and win the games.  I will eliminate my enemies of carbs and sugar and their cohorts one by one. In a few days, my hope is the cravings will lessen, and will be replaced with my craving vegetables and lean protein.

Today the struggle is real.  I hope that tomorrow it’s less than today.  And they day after less than tomorrow.

Wish me a happy Hunger Games and may the odds be ever in my favor!


Ciao for now,


Photo courtesy of page lady.wordpress.com

Gotta Love a Coach with Winning Experience!

So, I had my first meeting with my coach today.  And I love her!  And why, might you ask, do I already know that I love her? Well, because she is someone who has successfully gone through this program!  And I love that, because she’ll understand the struggle for going through this diet.  Because, trust me, the struggle is real.  Very friggin real!  And she’s done it, which just helps with the motivation.

shccSo, I headed to my new home away from home to meet Dr. Giorano at 7:15am in the morning.  For those who know me, I clearly must be committed to this program, because yeah, mornings and I do not get along at all!  But I was there, on time, and ready for my appointment.  I got a very warm welcome at Stability Health Center in South Lake Union. And not only is Dr. G. going to help me get my weight under control, but she’s going to help manage my diabetes with natropathic methods.  To say I’m excited by that is an understatement.  So today was blood work, tour of the building, meeting the team, and my first one on one with my coach.

We talked about how I got to this place, my support system, my goals, and all that fun stuff.  I did another weight in,  blech, but had to be done.  Coach Jill is awesome, and I love her energy, and I know she’s going to help me meet my goal of finally, once and for all, getting rid of this weight.  I’m not losing it, because I refuse to find it again  I’m getting rid of it.

Ciao for now,


We’re Getting Robbed, People!

So, I need to vent.  In finally being able to select my own foods, I decided to buy two weeks worth at once so I’d have some variety.  One of the easiest things for me to have for lunch are the pre-made shakes.  The vanilla one I really enjoy (and my coach suggested putting that in my coffee, which I hadn’t thought about, but yum!), so I chose that as one of my foods.  I wasn’t paying too close of attention, and got home to organize it and realized they only give you 6!  Friggin 6!  When you buy for  a week.  Last time I checked, a week had 7 days.  And the premade drinks are tastier, in my humble judgyness, than the mixes.

I emailed my coach and she said ‘Oh yeah, you only get 6 with the premade drinks.  But the mango one has 8 if you want to do that one.’  I do not want to do that one.  Blast!  GRRRR!

Second Week Check-in Was a HUGE Success!!

I was worried about my check-in this week, given the whole cheating extravaganza.  I was prepared to not see the scale move or anything, and was prepared to properly chastise myself about it, forgive myself for it, and move on.  But that is not what happened because I lost 4lbs last week!!!  WAHOO!!  My losses looked like this:

  • Neck – lost 1″
  • Chest – lost 2″ (that’s 3″ total loss in my chest!)
  • Arm – lost .75″
  • Waist – lost 2″
  • Thigh – lost 2.5″
  • Pounds – lost 4lbs (total of 7 lost in the first 10 days)

For whatever reason, my hips haven’t lost any inches yet, which is weird to me.  Hopefully next week, I’ll see the tape measure move.

I did get to choose my own food this time, though, and that was awesome!  I ended up buying two weeks worth, though, so that I have some variety.  I was really irritated when I found out that the premade drinks, which I really like, only come in 6packs when every other product has 7 packages to cover the whole week.  Sigh.  Oh well.

So, I chose, cuz I’m more of a savory girl:

  • Salt & Vinegar Crisps
  • BBQ Crisps
  • Southwest Cheese Curls
  • Rotini
  • Lemon Wafers
  • Vanilla premade drinks

That sounds like a tasty couple of weeks for me!  Proud of the progress I’ve made so far, and am very much looking forward to seeing everything keep shrinking in the weeks to come!