And the Cravings Came in Like a Lion!

Today is day 12 and I can proudly say, I have not cheated once on this blasted diet!  And it was not without struggle and moments of weakness.  Luckily, and fortunately I was strong enough not to give in to temptation, even though temptation was absolutely everywhere this past weekend.

Temptation #1: Doughnuts in the office last Friday for a morale treat from the boss.  Now, it’s important to note, I don’t even friggin like doughnuts.  At all.  On a normal day, I would never eat one, but oh sweet baby Jesus, I wanted one on Friday.  But I didn’t.  Just made myself some Market Spice Tea (for those of you not in Seattle, it’s an orangey-spicy-warming-comforting tea blend from the tea shop in Pike’s Street Market), and took my no carb having self back to my desk.

Temptation #2: In stopping by the store on Friday after work, they were doing a cheese sample of fresh parmiggiano reggiano from Italy!  The godfather of cheeses, perfectly aged, was staring me in the face, just begging me to take a piece of it’s salty goodness.  But I didn’t!  And I was NOT happy about it!  Hell hath no fury like an Italian woman who can’t have parmiggiano reggiano!  I just bought my chicken breast and my purple kale and headed home.


Temptation #3: I went to see a play and they were serving wine, glorious red wine in all it’s glory, and during the entire show, Bacchus called to me to just indulge in a few sips!  But I didn’t!  I downed my water bottle and enjoyed the show.

Temptation #4:  Blind date for brunch.  Yeah, I didn’t think this through.  This was a terrrrrrible idea to do during the first month.  But, a buddy of mine was just sure I had to meet this co-worker of his, so off I went.  The dude ordered my perfect breakfast!  Bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns!  Oh, and an English muffin with house made raspberry jam. Did I have bacon?  No.  Did I have hashbrowns, or buttery nooks and crannies with jam?  No. I had a garden frittata that they screwed up and covered half with a yogurt coulis that I specifically asked them not to put on there.  So essentially I got two bits of egg and mushroom and four cups of tea for breakfast.  Took all my willpower not to drive through a McDonald’s on the way home, but I refrained.  Went home, had some roasted cauliflower and a chocolate coconut bar and took pride in my strength.

Temptations #5:  Grocery shopping last night for the week, and for the love of everything holy in the world I wanted bread.  I am craving every kind of bread, and somehow ended up on the chip aisle.  It was the Metropolitan Market, so the chip aisle is all healthy options, but none I can indulge in.  I saw a bag of pretzels.  Gluten free, vegan, covered in seeds, and I actually picked the bag up.  And talked myself down off the salty goodness ledge.  I set the bag down, walked to the cash register, paid and left before anything else called my name.

But oh, the break and wine and cheese…the holy trinity of my Italian heritage is calling to me like a Siren to a sailor, and it took every ouce of self control I had to not follow her song.  Somewhere behind the haze of temptation, I knew the consequences weren’t worth it.  Destroying the hard work I’d done over the past week wasn’t worth it. I have the word Forza tattooed on my arm, because, above all things, I am strong!  And if I can survive the past few days, and all of those temptations for the foods I truly, truly love, then I can do this!  I can see this through to the end!

These cravings might have come in like a lion, but I’m gonna beat them into lamby submission!  Forza!

Ciao for now,



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