First Week High and Lows

My first week on Ideal Protein is behind me, and to say I’m relieved is the understatement of the century!  I didn’t cheat once, ate the right foods, the right veggies, and consumed more water than I thought possible!  So, with a smile on my face and excitement oozing out of me, I headed in to meet with my coach.

sctmAnd what did the dreaded tape measure say?  Well, it said I lost almost 4″ in the first week!  HELL YEAH!  And what did the scale say after that?  Well, that I lost just over 7lbs!  WAHOO!  This week I killed it on weight loss and inches loss, which makes the sacrifice of the past week totally worth it!  Go me!

Now, labs were a different story.  My labs were my first set and they are nowhere near ok.  It was another in a long line of wake-up calls the past few weeks.  Downside, it bums me out how far I’ve let my health slide.  Upside, it’s amazing motivation to stay on track.  The more weight comes off, the better my labs will be.  The better my labs get, the health issues disappear.  The health issues disappear, and I won’t end up like every other woman in my family by dying from complications of diabetes.  Morbid, I know, but true.  And this blog has to be about the honest, awful, naked truth for me.

So, great first week with a new wake up call.  All in all, we’ll call this a win.

Ciao for now,



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