The Afternoons are the Hardest

There are two times a day I crave carbs.  And not just any old carbs, but crunchy, salty, cheesy carbs.  I want anything from the Frito Lay world, and I want it in volume!  Any, or a number of these would be staining my fingers, tantalizing my taste buds, and expanding my waistline right about now 6 days ago:


But today, today, in day 5 of my diet, today, I fight the urge with everything I have!  I do not take the elevator ride downstairs, and walk the few feet to the drug store to get a bag, today it would be Funyons, and enjoy their oniony goodness mindlessly while I worked the last few hours of my day.  Today, instead, I make a cup of hot orange spice tea to satiate my cravings, although it’s not really working.

Today is the first day I’ve actively felt how much boredom drives my appetite.  How much snacking is ingrained in my DNA, to where I think I NEED it.  I don’t need it.  I’ll survive just fine after it!  And there’s no need to go running for the first bag of salty, fattening, crisps I can get my hands on, because I have a goal to attain!

Evenings are no picnic either, but at least I have TV and chores to distract me. Work is just a mundane repetition of executive assisting a low maintenance boss where I just want to friggin eat!  Ugh!

But I can do this.  I had BBQ Ideal chips for lunch, and they rocked and helped a little.  But tonight, when I put that big red X on my calendar to mark that I successfully got through another day without cheating, I’m going to feel so much better than any chip could taste!

And when I step on that scale on Friday, I’ll be glad I stuck to my plan.

Ciao for now,



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