Gotta Love a Coach with Winning Experience!

So, I had my first meeting with my coach today.  And I love her!  And why, might you ask, do I already know that I love her? Well, because she is someone who has successfully gone through this program!  And I love that, because she’ll understand the struggle for going through this diet.  Because, trust me, the struggle is real.  Very friggin real!  And she’s done it, which just helps with the motivation.

shccSo, I headed to my new home away from home to meet Dr. Giorano at 7:15am in the morning.  For those who know me, I clearly must be committed to this program, because yeah, mornings and I do not get along at all!  But I was there, on time, and ready for my appointment.  I got a very warm welcome at Stability Health Center in South Lake Union. And not only is Dr. G. going to help me get my weight under control, but she’s going to help manage my diabetes with natropathic methods.  To say I’m excited by that is an understatement.  So today was blood work, tour of the building, meeting the team, and my first one on one with my coach.

We talked about how I got to this place, my support system, my goals, and all that fun stuff.  I did another weight in,  blech, but had to be done.  Coach Jill is awesome, and I love her energy, and I know she’s going to help me meet my goal of finally, once and for all, getting rid of this weight.  I’m not losing it, because I refuse to find it again  I’m getting rid of it.

Ciao for now,



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