We’re Getting Robbed, People!

So, I need to vent.  In finally being able to select my own foods, I decided to buy two weeks worth at once so I’d have some variety.  One of the easiest things for me to have for lunch are the pre-made shakes.  The vanilla one I really enjoy (and my coach suggested putting that in my coffee, which I hadn’t thought about, but yum!), so I chose that as one of my foods.  I wasn’t paying too close of attention, and got home to organize it and realized they only give you 6!  Friggin 6!  When you buy for  a week.  Last time I checked, a week had 7 days.  And the premade drinks are tastier, in my humble judgyness, than the mixes.

I emailed my coach and she said ‘Oh yeah, you only get 6 with the premade drinks.  But the mango one has 8 if you want to do that one.’  I do not want to do that one.  Blast!  GRRRR!


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