Holy Lemon-y Goodness, Batman!

Lemon_WafersBreakfast was delicioso this morning!  I am in heaven. Say it with me:  Lemon Wafers.  Did you see that ‘s’?  Yeah, cuz there’s two of them in the package and they are huge!  Light and airy wafers around lemony goodness, with a layer of chocolate on the bottom.  This one is a winner fo sho!  And what’s great is that, as light as it is, it’s really satisfying, and one package was more than enough and I’m not hungry at all!  This one is a keeper! Lemon Love!



One thought on “Holy Lemon-y Goodness, Batman!

  1. I’ve heard those are good, but unfortunately for me, they’re one of the items with gluten! My coach wasn’t kidding, I guess, when she said that most of the good stuff has gluten! It really helps to have those go-to’s that you enjoy!


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