Meat and Heat Don’t Always Go Together

Living in Seattle, people assume it rains 365 days a year. For this hot blooded Italian, I wish it did. Alas, it does not. Having only returned to Seattle a few months ago after a 6 year absence, I had forgotten how miserable Seattle summers are, because for about a month and a half, it’s hot, and humid, and no one has air conditioning. Sure, businesses do, but apartments do not. And mine, on the 2nd floor of a 5 floor high rise, is absolutely miserable. And the worst part of the day is from about 3pm to midnight. And you know what falls in there? Dinner time.

And on this diet, dinner time is the time I look forward to most, where I get to cook whatever protein I want to cook, roast some vegetables, maybe make a lovely stir fry. However, turning the stove on in any way only adds to the sweltering heat in my apartment. It’s absolutely unbearable. My coach and the team at Alliance Healing Arts said to cook during the coolest time of the day, which would be the morning, and eat the meat cold later. Which would be fine, except I already get up at 4am in order to get ready and make the long commute to work, so there isn’t time to grill off a steak.

I know it won’t be this hot forever. And I’m quickly realizing that carbs are a comfort for me when I’m stressed. It took all of my will power to avoid going to get junk food last night. I didn’t. But I really wanted to, and I worry that, with no end to this heat wave in sight, that I’m going to cheat. Because my palate is not being satisfied at all.

I’m hungry, and frustrated, and hot, and something’s gotta give soon. I hope it’s the heat before my willpower. But I’m nervous.


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