Mortified and Motivated

Today’s been rough. I’m hungry. Really hungry. I want to quit. I want to cheat. I haven’t. But I wanted to. It’s all I’ve thought about since I ate the gross cereal flakes that I had for breakfast this morning.

I went on a group walk today with my dog and a bunch of other dog owners, and the leader posted a bunch of pictures of the walk online. And seeing myself, seeing how awful I look, is EXACTLY the motivation I needed to stay on track.

I want to be photographed in candid shots and enjoy what I see. I want to be proud of my body and not be disgusted when I see pictures of myself. I want to be able to snap a selfie, and not need the perfect angle or instragram tool to crop it so that my body isn’t shown.

While I’m not religious, I ver much believe in a higher power, and sometimes, God gives you what you need to get through a hard time.

It’s so hot in Seattle, today, and my apartment does not have air conditioning. I’m hot, and I’m cranky, and I’m hungry. But now, I’m also mortified and motivated. So, I happily ate my dinner of poached chicken breast with rosemary and my mixed green and arugula salad and I did it with determination and a smile on my face.


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