Damn You, Starbucks!!!

It’s harder to stay on track with this diet on the weekends, there’s no question. More down time. More time to think about how hungry you are, or the cravings you’re having. And today is pretty bad. I am absolutely jonesing for bread and cheese. I’d kill for a quesadilla right about now. Or a panino with a few Italian cheeses melted inside. But, I’ve been good. And I was dealing just fine.

And then I drove through Starbucks. I was getting an unsweetened green tea, which is allowed, both because it is refreshing and because it’s bloody hot here today and I needed the cool off. And as I sat in the mile long line waiting for my turn to order, I look up at the board with pictures of the food, and what do I see? A friggin grilled cheese! Starbucks is now serving grilled cheese! And oh, I wanted one! I wanted one so damn badly, it took every ounce of self control I had to order my tea and ONLY my tea.

And now I’m home, and hungry, and my lunch was less than satisfying, and dinner seems about the same, and all I want is a grilled cheese. And nothing in my allowable food arsenal is going to satisfy me.

Damn you, Starbucks, for the yummies you make. Damn you!


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