An Italian Who Doesn’t Like Garlic? Whaaaaat? Get Outta Here!

I was raised with a combination of Italian and Mexican heritage. And by Italian, I mean northern Italian. And the women in my family didn’t cook with a ton of garlic, so I didn’t acquire a taste for it. We used garlic sparingly, and usually in whole cloves that were removed before the food was served. I don’t like the smell of garlic, unless it’s roasted, and I haaaate raw garlic. So, needless to say, I was terrified when I saw the words “garlic herb crisps” on my meal sheet for today.

And I was pleasantly surprised. They were much more herby than garlic, and kind of had a garlic bread taste. I will say, one of the side effects of consuming this much protein can be bad breath, so I don’t know that I will choose these crisps again, cuz wowza, they were strong.  However, there were a ton of them in that little bag! I actually ended up making a mixed green and arugula salad and crushed the crisps and used them like croutons and it was friggin delicious.

My Italian great-grandmother would be so proud! Manga!


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