Peach + Mango + Protein = I almost puked!

Ok, we had another product disaster just now, and I had to stop work and take a second to write about this. The Peach Mango Drink Mix. Again, looks delicious, doesn’t it?

It sounds good, too. I love peaches. And mangoes are ok. No. Just, no. I seriously almost threw up trying to choke that down. This monstrosity made the banana pudding look like eating gelato! Sick!

Ok, first of all, I followed the directions perfectly, and not only did the drink not fully mix (the little grains in my drink were gag reflex worthy for sure), but the smell, dear God the smell. I literally had to plug my nose and use a straw to get all of it down. I did, cuz it’s the only protein I’m getting with lunch, but let’s just say my salad and celery and endive look awesome right about now!

Breakfast was a cappuccino drink mix, and it wasn’t great either. I definitely like the drinks that are pre made in the little cardboard cartons better. These mixes are awful!

I can’t wait for the week where I get to pick my own food!


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