Chocolate and Pasta and Motivation!

Day 2 was a huge success for me on a few fronts.  Obviously, it did not start well, what with that banana pudding incident, but the rest of the day went really, really well!  The sugar withdrawal was very minor, and the headache disappeared on its own.  Lunch consisted of a salad of mixed greens, endive and celery with a lemon pepper vinaigrette that I made myself and I had a delicious chocolate mint bar for dessert.  Dinner was another turkey scramble with mushrooms, bellpeppers and spinach.  But my evening snack was where it all got good.  And I mean really good!

As I’ve stated, I love all things carbs, and man was I missing them yesterday.  I was craving chips and bread all day long!  I wanted something starchy!  Well, I got to have ideal protein’s rotini last night and it rocked!  The consistency reminded me of pasta I’ve had that was made from quinoa.  And my coach gave me the awesome suggestion of cooking it in chicken broth instead of water, and since I was feeling a little headachey at that time, I just basically made chicken noodle soup, and it took care of that carb craving completely!  I’m thrilled!

But the best part of the past day or so, was this morning.  So, every morning I wake up, change into sweats and a tank top and head out to walk my little corgi.  The sun is already high, and we walk around the block of my apartment building.  I hate the last turn and street because the sun is at my back, casting my very unattractive shadow on the ground showing me just how big I am.  Can’t hide, the shadow tells the truth.  But today, today, I saw a smaller shadow.  Not drastically, but enough that I noticed.  And a small dip in my waist revealed itself.  And then, when I went upstairs to get dressed for work, the outfit I’ve worn numerous times was just a smidge more comfortable than the last time I wore it.  I know it’s only been 2 days, but this diet works quickly when you stick to it, and even if all of this is just in my mind, it’s wonderful motivation to keep going!

I can do this!  I can let Ideal Protein change my body.  And as the results keep showing themselves, the easier this will get!

Great start to my first hump day on this diet! YAY!


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