The Proof is in the Pudding. Or is it?

I have to say something about this particular product, because the experience was terrrrrrrible!  Now, others may agree, but I have to review this product to remind myself never to choose it!

So, for the first two weeks on this diet, your coach puts together a hodge podge of products and organizes them for you to eat at certain times.  As my coach said, “There will be things in here you don’t like.  You need to just choke it down.”  Not a great mental picture, but it’s the way it’s done, so what can you do.  Upon getting my list, my biggest fears are anything mango, and a bag of garlic & herb crisps.  Well, the first mango smoothie wasn’t bad.  I haven’t tried the others yet.  Pray for me that they are edible.

I didn’t balk when I saw banana pudding as my breakfast this morning.  I actually thought, “Hmmm, sounds tasty.  I love banana pudding.”  And based on the photo of the product, it looks good doesn’t it?  Well, it was not!


I’m not a fan of a mushy banana, and the consistency of this pudding was NOT like pudding.  It had the flavor of an overripe banana and the texture of a mushy one.  It was so displeasing to my palate that it took everything I had to swallow each spoonful.  I literally choked it down and it was disgusting!

And I’m nervous, because I have a pre-made chocolate pudding in the mix for later in the week.  I caution you on the puddings, if you are going to try this diet.  There are some things that just shouldn’t be replicated.  Yick!

Let’s hope my chocolate mint bar is better at lunch.

On the upside, I do not have any sugar withdrawal headache today!  So, we’ll take that  as a win.



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